How to make a padded hanging

By HannahKelly, Tue, 2018-08-28 10:42
How to make a padded hanging

We show you how to make the very cute gingerbread hanging from issue 273 of The World of Cross Stitching, but these instructions can be used to make any padded hanging from your stitched designs, plus we've included ideas for customisation!

1. Trim your stitched piece, leaving a border measuring 1.5cm (½in). Cut a piece of backing fabric to match.

2. Cut a piece of bakers twine or narrow ribbon to the required length and fold in half to create a loop. Tack in place to the right side of your stitched piece, along the top edge, with the raw ends of the twine/ribbon facing outwards.

3. Place your stitched piece and backing fabric together, right sides facing, with the twine/ribbon sandwiched between them. Hand-sew a 1cm (¼in) seam all the way around, leaving a small gap to turn through.

4. Turn through and fill the hanging with wadding, then stitch the gap closed.   

Ideas for customisation

To customise your padded hanging there are a few easy changes that you can make to bring you own style to your decoration.

  • Instead of using ribbon for your hanging loop, why not try thin cord or bakers twine.
  • To make a scented hanging simply add potpourri, dried lavender or scented beads in with your stuffing.
  • To make a scissor fob simply follow this same process but extend the length of your ribbon to make it easier to attach to the handle of your scissors.
  • Try adding an edging of mini pom-poms by sewing pom-pom trim into your seam. 
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