Evenweave needle

By mark-worldofXS, Mon, 2010-08-09 14:56
Which needle should I use for evenweave?

Always use a tapestry or cross stitch needle which has blunt ends. You need to choose one which will slip easily between the fibres of the fabric. A tapestry needle has a larger eye than most other types of needle. It is oval in shape which makes it easier to thread a number of strands at the same time. Before starting on a design check whether you are using the correct size needle by making a stitch. The needle should pass through the fabric without enlarging the hole, but, at the same time, should not fall through too easily. Use a size 22 needle for 22,25 and 27HPI fabrics, a size 24 needle for 28HPI and a size 26 needle for 32HPI fabrics.

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